Freelance research, design, repair and reverse engineering of electronic, mechanical and optical systems.
Based in Preston, Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

Reverse Engineering

Various products, systems and data protocols have been reverse engineered over the years. Usually in support of other business but primarily for the following reasons:

• To be able to provide continued support for, or repair a product for which documentation or service data is not easily available.
• To provide backup or understanding of a valuable piece of equipment no longer available.
• To be able to interface to equipment that has proprietary interfaces or data protocols.
• To check the validity of an in-house department's work.
• To generate documentation for a product after the loss of a key member of staff.

In some instances the tools have been made or written to enable this to happen.

The system types reverse engineered have included:

• Electronic and/or Printed circuit boards
• Hybrid circuits
• Encapsulated or epoxy resin potted modules
• Mechanical systems
• Optical systems
• Data communication protocols
• File formats
• Motorola MC68HC11 Microcontroller & MC68K Family based products are a speciality

To discuss a specific requirement please do get in touch.