Freelance research, design, repair and reverse engineering of electronic, mechanical and optical systems.
Based in Preston, Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

Printed circuit board design

Example printed circuit board using mainly surface mount electronic components
Example of prototype sensing probe
Prototype probe
Years of experience of printed circuit board design built on a lot of hand assembly work has given a very practical edge to the designs.

In the following forms

Example of printed circuit board used for JTAG development systems
JTAG daughter board
Single sided.
Double sided and multilayer.
Surface mount.
Pin through hole.
FR4 and other materials.
Any copper weight.
Any finish.
Example of a microcontroller based PCB
Prototype PCB
Example of a microcontroller based PCB
Prototype PCB

In the following areas

Low noise.
High end audio.
High speed.

For PCB design please do get in touch.