Freelance research, design, repair and reverse engineering of electronic, mechanical and optical systems.
Based in Preston, Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

Core Skills

To help you identify whether 1BitHigh can help you, here is a list of core skills and experience:

Embedded design

Across a wide range of applications and devices. While the experience started with 68HC05, 68HC11 & MC68000 in the early 90's, more recently this has gone into the Texas MSP430 and ARM Cortex M4 families.

Printed Circuit Board design

Many companies can draw printed circuit boards but it takes a lot of experience in many related disciplines to be able to route them effectively. Especially when some of design criteria is low noise, high speed, high power or some times even very low power then circuit layout can make a big difference. It can bring improvements to stability, reliability, and even be the difference between a working or non-working product. Many years of experience starting from when computer based CAD for drawing boards was in its infancy means that the sometimes complex decision making process is automatic.

Holistic product design

Seems a strange title doesn't it - a quality design often includes many different aspects that contribute to an overall result. Sometimes the product grows organically through its life cycle, producing modifications as users provide feedback. But at the birth of a product it is often very useful to have an overview of its likely market and use so core decisions can be taken early on in the design. Decisions involving its fundamental workings. It's only by being able to mentally search many of the available options to solve a problem and integrate one aspect of a product's function with another can an overall path be chosen. A successful product often integrates many different areas of product design in a seamless way that belies the thought and work that has gone into it. A Holistic approach.

Reverse Engineering

The years of experience accumulates in to another very useful skill - to be able to go backwards in the design process and strip something down to its fundamental building blocks. And, in many instances, discover what the original designer had in mind. A wide base of analytical skills allows this to be done in the electronic, electrical, mechanical and optical domains.

To discuss a specific requirement, or perhaps a complete project, please do get in touch.