Freelance research, design, repair and reverse engineering of electronic, mechanical and optical systems.
Based in Preston, Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

Electronic & mechanical design

It doesn't matter if you have an idea but no technical knowledge to implement it, or you're a client with very specific needs, wide experience in not only electronics but a wide variety of associated areas will help bring your idea to life. From feasibility studies, to prototypes, to volume manufacture.

And with the firm belief that good intuitive design can often relieve the need for a lengthy user manual, that sometimes the best design is the simplest, and sometimes nothing to do with electronics.

1BitHigh offers the following design sevices.

• Electronic
• Audio
• Digital
• Analog
• Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
• Mechanical
• Optical

Previous design work has included the following areas

• Infra red communication interfaces.
• Lead acid battery charging.
• Customer facing shop floor interfaces.
• Radiation monitoring and warning.
• Balanced audio line driving.
• Various power supplies from 1.8v to 250KV.
• Switch mode power supplies.
• Control panel design, panel wiring, panel layout, build and test.
• Composite video and RGB video line driving.
• Electromechanical control.
• Secure Digital (SD) and Compact Flash (CF) card interfaces.
• Pressure transducer signal processing.
• PT100 RTD temperature sensor signal processing.
• Photodiode amplifiers.
• Data protocol converters.
• I2S and SPDIF serial digital audio interfaces.
• Modbus interfaces.
• RS232 & RS485 interfaces and converters.
• Various embedded single board microcontroller products.
• Smart house control equipment.
• Strain gauge amplifiers.

To discuss a potential design please do get in touch.